Settling in (finally) for the year on Quadra Island, BC

Post updated April 28, 2018

We are now tied up at our temporary “home base” for the year on Quadra Island. For those who don’t know the area, Quadra is located just west of Campbell River on Vancouver Island, BC and forms part of the Discovery Islands. We are situated in a marina on the west side of the island, facing Campbell River.

In this video, you get to meet my fiancee, Morgan, who has yet to appear on camera. And together, we spend some time drinking wine and talking in more detail about our engine failure coming into Canada from the States, which caused us to drift into the docks at Victoria and landed us there for a fortnight while we did repairs.

To summarize our troubles, which we mentioned in our last post, we had an alternator belt on our engine break. This belt breaking prevented the raw water pump impeller from turning, which in turn, allowed our engine to overheat. The overheating had a nasty effect on our engine exhaust riser, causing it to blow the gasket and dump all of our coolant into the bilge. Nasty.

To repair our engine, we needed to have a new flange machined and welded onto our exhaust riser. Thankfully, after replacing the riser, the broken belt, the coolant, and doing some other engine inspection and maintenance, we were up and running again. It was a close call, and an expensive lesson, but we are grateful the issue didn’t totally wreck our engine.

As was suggested to us by our surveyor down in Seattle, we rigged up a vibration-dampening support for our riser. It can shake pretty significantly while the engine is running, and these vibrations run down the metal and actually start causing bolts to loosen. Not good. So, using some metal strapping and steel hangers, I secured the riser to the steel floor of our boat. The result? No more vibrating!

We hope you enjoy this episode, and we are excited to be able to plan and share everything we get up to in the coming year. o(*^▽^*)o