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Hi – we are Morgan & Josh, and welcome to our travel & sailing blog! We gave up our 9-to-5 lives to become sailing adventurers, social entrepreneurs and aspiring videographers. Join us as we share our journey into the wild Pacific Ocean (and beyond!) through blogging, videos, and beautiful photography.

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Hello from the Boat & Crew!

Our sailing vessel is a 42-foot Bruce Roberts Sloop. Made from steel, she’s sturdily travelled from Alaska to Mazatlán, México and back. She turns salt water into fresh and sunshine into electricity, making her ideal for sustainable, small-footprint living!

She’s crewed by Capt. Josh, an old salt and steely sailor, and First Mate Morgan, a young swashbuckler still finding her sea legs. Last but not least, our Ambassador of Goodwill is our playful dog Kyuss – keep a weather eye out for her as she might just lick ye to death!

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Try as we might, it takes more than skill and “can-do” attitude to keep our boat afloat. Travelling, filming and editing takes a lot of time and resources – and we constantly strive to provide high-quality, fun, and informative content. Your financial support helps to sustain our efforts, so we can keep producing amazing videos and content on a regular basis.

There are many ways to contribute. We have an awesome line of quality clothing available in the Swag Store, from tees to yoga gear! Or, if you don’t feel the desire to acquire, we have a one-time Treasure Chest you can toss a coin into (via PayPal). And if you really dig what we’re up to, we have a Patreon page. Our Patrons become deeply involved in the work we create, and through Patreon we can offer rewards for your support!

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Review of Hornby Island Anchorage in Tribune Bay

Tribune Bay, Hornby Island - Anchorage Review Approach & Impressions The Hornby Island Anchorage in Tribune Bay is a little area on the southern end of Hornby Island, near Tribune Bay Provincial Park and the Tribune Bay Campground. As we made our approach around the...

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Review of Cortes Island Anchorage in Gorge Harbour

Gorge Harbour, Cortes - Anchorage Review Post updated July 1, 2018 Approach & Impressions The Cortes Island anchorage in Gorge Harbour is an almost completely enclosed cove, save for the approx. 100m wide entrance on the south side of Cortes Island. There is only one...

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How to Install Solar Panels on a Boat (ep.24)

We doubled our solar capacity! We are super excited to have completed this newest project, and show you how to install solar panels on a boat by yourself. It's a project most yachties seem to take on eventually when they realize how quickly energy gets used up when...

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